Ehud Barak Threatens UK Paper

Three weeks ago former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak threw his hat into the electoral ring with the formation of a new party, the Israel Democratic Party. Now, he may be fighting for his political life after a news story in The Daily Mail insinuated that a visit to business partner Jeffrey Epstein was for something other than business. Epstein has been charged with sex-trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for sex. The Daily Mail published pictures of Barak, face covered, entering Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse.  The article also suggested young women were seen going into the townhouse on the same day. Reported by The Daily Mail. Read more… Barak was quick to fire back, issuing the Daily Mail an ultimatum to remove the article. According to a report in the Times of Israel, Barak’s lawyers wrote, “your article is embarrassing… There are a number of serious accusations and defamatory insinuations that were made against our client that are completely untrue. … You attempted to link our client to the Epstein case, claiming that he was somehow involved in his pedophilia network. This is a lie as you know.” Reported by The Times of Israel. Read more… According to the Times of Israel, Barak dismissed the Daily Mail report as “blood libel.” Barak told supporters the report was the result of the “poisoned atmosphere” fostered by current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the Times report, Barak told supporters, “Over the last 24 hours something has happened in Israel, something despicable. A terrible blood libel, a baseless lie.” Barak also said, “For over 20 years, anyone who has stood against Netanyahu has been dragged through the mud and turned into a traitor.” Reported by The Times of Israel. Read more… Barak has also said that he will sue the Daily Mail for defamation. On Wednesday, Barak posted a picture to Facebook showing his face covered, stating that “When it’s cold, I tend to cover my face. Not only in New York… Until now, I didn’t think that was a news story…” Reported by The Times of Israel. Read more… The Daily Mail, however, defended its decision to publish the photos. Reported by i24 News. Read more…

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