Peace, Peace

Peace, Peace

Patrick Henry said, “peace, peace – but there is no peace”. That was in 1775 – 235 years ago. History always repeats itself. Transpose to the Middle East – 2010. Two implacable enemies, Israel and the Palestinians. One hating the other so much that it transcends all reason. With these two protagonists, there will be no peace until only one or the other is left standing.

Diplomats talk and talk and talk, but some disputes cannot be talked away. This is one of them. Eventually, there will be war and when it is all over, perhaps there will be a solution or perhaps not. There have already been six wars, the war for Independence, the Suez War, the 67 War, the Yom Kippur War in 1973, two Lebanese wars, and two infidatas without a resolution.

This is basically a land dispute with each side claiming, “This is my land”. The Palestinians are for the most part Muslim Arabs and believe on religious grounds that any land once possessed by them must be retained or reconquered if lost. All of Palestine, including Israel, will not satisfy them. They want the world. Everywhere they are victorious, they erect mosques, usually on the site of churches, monuments, or other symbols representing those whom they conquered (see mosque-World Trade Center). They are not reluctant to use terror, murder, rape, or even genocide to attain their goals. They preach hatred in their mosques and schools and urge even children to kill Jews whenever possible. The Israelis on the other hand just want to be left alone. They do not hate anybody. They have reached out to the Palestinians with economic and monetary aid, hoping for a path to peace. They have tried appeasement by returning South Lebanon, Gaza, and most of Judea and Samaria. All of these places rapidly became staging areas for further and more intense attacks upon Israel. This is the fruit of appeasement (see Hitler – Munich 1939).

How do you get peace out of a situation like this? You don’t. Eventually, the Palestinians and their Arab and Muslim allies will feel strong enough to defeat and overrun Israel. They won’t because they traditionally overestimate their own strength and underestimate that of their enemies. The next war will end up like all the rest, with Israel victorious and with Europe and the U.S.A. demanding they give it all back again. They shouldn’t, but they probably will, which brings us back to square one. For example, at the urging of President Obama, Israel declared a freeze on building in the West Bank ten months ago in an attempt to bring the Palestinians to the conference table. However, the Palestinians wanted a permanent freeze and refused to meet with the Israelis until last month and then promptly announced that they would leave the negotiations unless the freeze was extended. What were they thinking about for nine months? This is classic Arab obfuscation and deceit and an excellent example of their intransigence. They will never agree to anything, except the destruction of the state of Israel.

How could any intelligent, educated, even liberal-thinking person from academia, the media, or the entertainment industry have any doubt about who wants peace? This is a black and white issue. There is only one response and answer to this question.

So, when will we get peace? Only when the prince of peace returns and enforces it.

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