Send In The Clowns

Send In The Clowns

The events of the last 18 months have convinced me that the very survival of the republic is in great danger. It all began with the massive stimulus bill enacted shortly after the TARP legislation which lead to a combined debt of over one trillion dollars, which our great grandchildren may or may not be able to pay. Unemployment is about as high now as when the stimulus was passed and the banks are again paying out huge bonuses to their high ranking executives. “Thank you Mr. Tax Payer”.

The next nail in our nation’s coffin was the “healthcare” bill passed by trickery, bribery, and devious legal maneuvers of doubtful legality. This was Chicago politics at its best and is what you get when political hacks are elected to higher office. The cost associated with this 2000 page monstrosity will far outstrip the estimates of the congressional budget office without significantly improving anybody’s quality of healthcare or access to it. You only have to look at what happened with Medicare when cost estimated for the first few years were exceeded by three or four times. We are about to witness the destruction of the finest healthcare system ever devised. Why else would wealthy and powerful people from countries with socialized healthcare flock to the United States for diagnosis and treatment. “Get in line, Sir. The doctor will see you in four months.”

American foreign policy over the last year and a half has been digging its own grave. The situation in the Middle East is deteriorating rapidly without any coherent strategy by the administration to counteract it, except to continue to pressure Israel, our only real ally in the region, to continue to make concessions to an enemy who concedes nothing! Israel withdrew from Southern Lebanon and gave away most of the West Bank and all of Gaza and what do they get in return? Rockets, missiles, kidnappings, suicide bombers, and daily threats of annihilation by an Iranian madman. Our policy towards Iran is pusillamimous at best. “Oh please, Mr. Ayatollah, stop making your atomic bomb or we will increase our sanctions and you won’t be able to import caviar, fur coats, or snow shoes”. Don’t the geniuses in Washington understand that once Iran gets the bomb, they can do what they want in the Middle East and anyone who tries to stop them can be threatened with atomic retaliation i.e. the bomb makes them golden. Goodbye Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, don’t the same geniuses remember that no foreign power has ever won a war in that country. Our only advantage is that our intentions are to ultimately leave them with a stable government of their own. Additionally, our foreign relations with Europe, Russia, Turkey, China, Mexico, and several South American countries have recently deteriorated significantly. What else can go wrong?

On immigration, there does not seem to be any coherent policy, except to sue the state of Arizona for trying to enforce federal law already in place. Nice rhetoric and propaganda designed to garner votes, but otherwise a hot potato that no one wants to handle. One party wants the immigrants here to vote for them. The other party wants them here for cheap labor, but both parties say we need to find a way to keep them out. Can anybody make sense of this? Therefore, nothing is done.

Cap and trade is also being pushed as part of the socialist/green agenda. This is just another way of saying tax and spend. If it passes, look for increased unemployment and decreased corporate profits.

Finally, we come to the giant oil spill. To paraphrase Winston Churchill whose bust incidentally was recently sent back to England by our White House, “never have so many been damaged by so few”. British petroleum is not innocent in this affair. They drilled too deep into a high pressure system without adequate safeguard and they should pay for it – that is if there is enough money in our world to do it. After it happened, however, our government’s response has been slow, slower and nonexistent. Our president says that he has been “on it from day one” and he has been; he sat on it and did nothing for several days, despite pleas from the governors of the affected states. Offers of help from other countries were turned down while we boondoggled around in a confused bureaucratic decision-making process which made almost no meaningful decisions for several days. Can you believe the Environmental Protection Agency refusing to allow a high tech European ship to skim oil because the water being returned to the Gulf still contained 1% oil, a level above their allowable, or preventing foreign ships from coming to help from approaching our coastline because of some archaic law. They should all have oil in their martinis in D.C. We seem more interested in fixing the blame than doing something about it.

The upshoot of all this is that America is going to go down the tube unless we do something to reverse the socialist agenda now being advanced. We have two opportunities do to this; one on November 2nd when it can be slowed and again in November of 2012 when it can reversed.

As it says in the song we don’t need to “send in the clowns, they are already here”.

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