The Third Time Around

The Third Time Around

The goal of Islam is world domination. Anyone believing otherwise is living a dangerous dream.  The Koran directs Muslims to conquer the world for Islam and subject its people to Islamic law or a second class status known as Dhimmitude, which is virtual slavery.  The alternative is death.  No negotiation, bargaining, or arguing, Islam slavery or death.

This is not the first time that Islam has attempted world conquest and the destruction of Western Civilization and Christianity.  In fact, it is the third.


Time:  The year 732.

Place:  Tours, a small city of Southern France.

Protagonists:  A Muslim army lead by Abd ar-Rahman versus a Frankish (French) army lead by Charles “the hammer Martel”.

Scenario:  In the century following the death of Mohammad in 632, Arab Muslim armies had swept through the Middle East, Northern Africa, all of Spain, and Southern France.  The next goal was the wealthy and powerful monastery of St. Martin of Tours, barely 100 miles south of Paris.

Outcome:  The two armies met in the area between Tours and Poitiers and for the first time the Muslims were defeated.  Although not involving large forces, the battle was extremely significant, in that it marked the high water mark for Islam in Europe.  From that point onward, the Muslims remained on the defensive until they were finally driven from what is now France in 759.  Their final expulsion from Western Europe did not occur until the end of the 15th century, but it all began at Tours.


Time:  September 1683.

Place:  Vienna.

Protagonist:  Sultan Mehmed IV and his grand vizier Kara Mustafa versus the emperor Leopold I, his commander of the Vienna garrison Ernest Starhemberg, John Sobieski III, King of Poland, and commanders of the other relieving armies.

Scenario:  The Ottoman Empire was immense, reaching from the Atlantic shores of Africa to the Balkans.  The Sultan’s army had marched to the gates of Vienna.  All summer long that city lay besieged.  By early September, its fall was imminent.  Starhemberg, the city commander, had defended the city valiantly, but his forces were reduced by casualties, sickness, and starvation. They were surrounded by a huge Muslim army.  The fall of Vienna again threatened not only Western civilization, but Christianity itself.  Alarmed about the prospect of a Muslim victory, European Christian countries, usually hostile and antagonistic to one another, joined together and formed an army to relieve the beleagured city.

Outcome:  The battle was joined on September 12, 1683 when an army composed of Saxons, Bavarians, Franks, and Poles attacked the Turks at the gates of Vienna.  After a fierce battle, the Muslims were routed and after their retreat lost most of their previous Balkan conquests.  This was the beginning of the long decline of the Ottoman Empire, terminating in its dismemberant in 1918, but it all began at Vienna.


Time:  The year 2006.

Place:  Iraq in the Middle East.

Protagonist:  The United States of America versus radical Islam.

Scenario:  The state of Israel was established in 1948.  It was immediately attacked by six Muslim countries, but was victorious.  This was followed by five more Israeli Arab wars, all resulting in Israeli victories.  The Islamics then turned to terrorism culminating in the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.  This resulted in a declaration of war on terror by President George W. Bush of the United States.  Afghanistan, a stronghold of radical Islamic midlatency was invaded.  The Islamic terrorists were beaten and a democracy installed.  In the belief that Iraq supported terrorism, in that it had weapons of mass destruction, it too was invaded.  Iraq’s conventional armies were quickly defeated, but a terrorist led insurgency has persisted and has led to over 2,000 U.S. military and innumerable Iraqi civilian deaths.

Outcome:  This is still in doubt.  The Americans remain on the ground in force.  However, a civilian government has been installed.  Iraqi police and army units have been established and are helping fight the insurgence.  On balance, it appears that the Americans and loyal Iraqi forces are prevailing.  No matter how long it takes, this battle must also be won.  Hopefully, Islam will again begin to retreat and ultimately they themselves will purge the militant radicals that threaten the rest of the world.  Islamic attempts at world conquest seem to occur every few hundred years.  This should be the last time.  If so, it all began with 911.

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