Why They Cannot Win

Why They Cannot Win

The ultimate goal of Islam is world domination. They have tried twice before and failed. This is “the third time around” and they will fail again. The Arabs were defeated at Tours in 832 and the Turks at Vienna in 1683. These events were high water marks, both of which led to a long Islamic decline.

In this third great war, Islam’s major weapon has been terrorism. Sooner or later, there will be a decisive event in which Judeo-Christian Western Civilization will deal a deathblow to the Islamic hope of world-wide conquest. Why is this so? Christians and Jews will tell you that God is with them, but God usually does his work through men and there is no greater evidence of this than a series of factors which make Islamic victory impossible. These are as follows:

  1. Technological inferiority.

Technologically, the West, including Israel, is at least 20 to 30 years ahead of the Moslem world. Yes, they have advanced weapons, but where do they get them? They buy them from Russia and the West. Do they get the latest cutting edge equipment? No, of course not. The West is far ahead in both offensive and defensive weapon systems. Add to this the fact that Islamic countries have no industry to replace losses and you have a recipe for defeat.

  1. Lack of infrastructure.

All Moslem Middle Eastern countries are either military, religious, or fascist dictatorships and as such need to centralize their power in their nation’s capital. For centuries, Middle Eastern wars have been won by capturing or destroying the enemy capital, from which all money, power, and administration flows. Perhaps, this is the reason the Islamic terrorists are fixated on Washington and New York. They think that destroying these cities will destroy America. They have no concept of the depth of the infrastructure of Western culture, especially in the U.S. Governmental as well as command and control function in the U.S. is backed up three deep and every state has the ability to govern itself. Transportation, communication, industry, social services, banking, finance, state government, and all the other essentials of government would be staggered by the loss of Washington and New York, but would shortly begin to function again in an orderly manner. Contrast this to the destruction of Tehran, Cairo, or Damascus, after which these nations would revert to tribal rule, transportation by camel, and a sheep herding economy.

  1. Educational Deficiencies.

The major focus of education in Moslem lands is religious. Almost everyone receives a basic education, but an enormous of time is devoted to religious indoctrination. Only the very brightest children and those of the rich and powerful go on to university, either in their own country or in a few exceptional cases in Western countries. This leads to a severe lack of knowledge of the rest of the world. They imagine all of the countries are as backward as they are. As a result, they cannot appreciate the enormous economic and military power that exists in the Western world. Their education is Islamo-Centric and they are, for the most part, obsessed by their religion. They overestimate themselves and underestimate us. This is another major recipe for disaster.

  1. Why They Cannot Win.

At the present time, Islam’s major weapon against the West and Israel has been terror, which has been escalating in recent years. It must be a great source of frustration for them for us not to capitulate, especially after 911. It must also be a great blow to their pride for the Taliban to be run out of Afghanistan and for America not to have cut and run from Iraq in the face of a fanatical insurgency fueled by Al-Qaeda, which incidentally is now being defeated by a combination of allied and Iraqi troops. These setbacks and their inability to mount a major terrorist act in the U.S. can only lead to increased desperation and frustration on their part. Sooner or later, this frustration and desperation, plus the factors noted previously will conspire to produce a major miscalculation by Islam. It would have to be a major terrorist event to sufficiently anger the American people to demand response and retaliation. This could be an atomic explosion or a massive biologic or chemical weapon attack against one of our cities, which would subsequently embroil Islam in a war with the Judeo-Christian West, which they must lose.

As Christians, we know that Islam cannot win this war. Bible prophecy tells us this, but God very often uses man to work his will. Should he do so in this case, everything is in place for him and the way is prepared.

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